Instagram is one of the best application to share your pictures and videos with the friends and family. Many people are using it for entertaining purpose, and Instagram has many unique features. You can share funny videos, pictures, and more stuff. It requires all personal information to access the account like mobile number, address and you have to set a name and password to secure account.  It is your choice to make a public account or private account. You can increase the level of security of your account by creating a private account. If anyone wants to view Instagram private account, then they have to send the following request first.

How it works

First of all, it is impossible to view Instagram private account by sending the request. If you don’t want to use your name, then you can make an account with the fake name and information. It is the helpful way to check others detail without using your name. Moreover, if you are not able to use the simple way and want to use the online tool, then take help from the internet.

You can find many of tools by using the internet, but only few can help you to complete the process. These hacking tools look very much similar to original Instagram, and you have to replace the old one. There are many tools available to use; you have to buy some tools by spending the real money on it.

Easy Method   

If you are facing some problems to use these tools, then many guides are also available on the internet. You have to use it carefully because these tools can also use your details and it is dangers for you.

  • Go to the hacking web page to select the application.
  • Download the tool by using Google and more application.
  • Open the App after the process of installation and give your all details like name, password.
  • These tools can allow you to check the personal information and pictures but only for a few seconds.






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