Mafia city Hack is the best game in today’s world as it deals with high-quality graphics and a lot of new features. It is the best strategy based and online multiplayer game. It is created by Yottagames games. In it, we play with millions of players all around the world. The game considers different types of languages and nationality. In it, if we want to win than instead of playing single, we should make the team fight against our enemies.



  • The game is 3D HD Unity Game Engine with entirely high graphics.
  • It gives you best zooming function and 360-degrees multi-angle.
  • It provides an almost realistic experience.
  • Shooters can adapt every weapons and arm.
  • There are a number of events in the game like Drag Race Event and many more etc.
  • The game also includes many buildings like hospitals, black market, training center, and vault, etc.
  • It also includes various types of farms like arms farm, cargo farms, cash farms and skill farms.


Information about Babes

In the game Mafia City, there are many babes with their different skills and abilities to perform with. To make a good farm account, we should unlock all skills like more hospital capacity skills, training the troop’s skills, resource creating abilities and many more. Following are the name of babes along with their skills and powers:

  • Diana: She costs us 180 favor and helps to improve the production skills and troop fighting skills. We should use this babe very much.
  • Mai Hanano: She costs us 300 favor. It inclines our troop’s quantity by 50, and it also helps in increasing gem making skills.
  • Grace: She is the only babe that we should the most. It costs 1000 favor. Her Skills develops the hospitality capacity and training troop’s center.
  • Catherine: She is mainly used to increase the number of hospital capacity. Her other skills involve battle skills like attacking and defending. She costs almost 270 favor.
  • Karina: She costs 620 favor and help us in unlock the production skills. She also has some battle skills as well.



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